Watch Us Grow All Purpose Plant Food

February 10th, 2010

About Stephen Follett Company… Our company has its roots on a farm outside the Village of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, where in 1952 our founder, botanist and horticulturist Stephen Follett, began production of his newly developed liquid plant food concentrate Follett’s Watch Us Grow®.

He spent the previous decade experimenting with various compounds of fertilizers, trace elements and other organic and inorganic materials to find a formula that would foster healthier and better plant growth. He based his studies on the ancient idea of foliar feeding; the theory that plants can absorb nutrients through leaves, branches, stems, buds, fruits and even flowers as well as its root system. After years of trial and error, Mr. Follett perfected his gentle 8-8-8 liquid formula . . . a 256 to 1 concentrate of three major elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potash) and five micronutrients (boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc) plus his proprietary compound Fol-Ade® which contains eight ingredients that react on the elemental plant foods in the formula.

Since his death in 1992 at the age of 81, Mr. Follett’s grandson Phil Faustini has run the 50 year old family business. Few things have changed over the years. We’re still located on a farm a few miles from where the company started and the Watch Us Grow formula remains the same. We just don’t see any reason to tamper with something that works so darn well on everything — flowers, shrubs, trees, grasses, vegetables, fruits and house plants. Mr. Follett, known for his sense of humor, jokingly said in his later years, “why it works so well is my little secret, but I think plants grow up to get away from the stuff.” He did share his secret but only with his family. We’re glad he did. You will be, too.